White Collar Crime

Florida White Collar Criminal Defense - Even in cases of non-violent crimes an experienced attorney is a necessity and can make a difference between jail and freedom.


The Panama City law firm of Harry L. Harper provides a vigorous defense to people charged with a wide range of white-collar crimes. He offers clients decades of experience prosecuting and defending people against all types of non-violent crimes such as embezzlement, insurance fraud, and credit card fraud. If you have been charged with any type of white-collar crime, contact our firm for an experienced north Florida attorney. Call Harry L. Harper at (850) 763-5440  to schedule a free initial consultation.


Mr. Harper defends people against all types of non-violent criminal charges, including:

Identity Theft - Using the Internet for solicitation - Obtaining and possession of child pornography via the internet - Medicare and medical insurance fraud - Racketeering - Consumer fraud - Counterfeiting - Credit card theft and fraud - Bribery - Mail Fraud - Money laundering - RICO charges.


Conviction for these crimes can result in severe penalties.  People convicted of possession of child pornography are required to  register as sex offenders by Florida law. People convicted of money  laundering in connection with drug charges  may be facing significant jail or prison time. People convicted of  counterfeiting face many years of federal prison time and significant  fines. The serious penalties attached to many white collar crimes are the critical reason you should consult with an experienced criminal defense  lawyer. If you have been arrested or think you may be the target of an investigation, speak with an attorney before you talk to any law enforcement officials. 


Many of these crimes are the result of computer fraud. Mr. Harper is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of computer fraud. He uses his special understanding, in consultation with experts, to determine the facts of any computer-related case and to build a strong argument for his clients. 


If you have been charged with any type of white collar crime, from Internet fraud to possession of child pornography, contact the north Florida law firm of Harry L. Harper. Let him use his many years of criminal law experience to help you.



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