Probation Violations


Legal representation for probation violations can mean the difference between returning to jail and having your probation extended.


Legal complications surrounding probation violations often occur because  those on probation fail to notify their probation officer AND contact an attorney once a violation has occurred. Since probation officers are  usually skeptical about excuses and claims of ignorance on the part of those on probation, it can be difficult to convince a probation officer to advocate on your behalf in court. As a criminal defense lawyer, Harry L. Harper understands how to work with probation officers in explaining his clients' failure to avoid or report a violation due to circumstances  beyond their control. Depending on the circumstances involved, it may be  possible to convince the court to dismiss the charges against you in exchange for increased supervision and reporting oversight.


Don't wait until your probation officer contacts you or a warrant is issued for your arrest - contact probation violation attorney Harry L. Harper today to discuss the legal options available to you.


Violations of Probation

Criminal defense attorney Harry L. Harper represents clients in regard to the following kinds of probation violation: 


Failure to inform probation officer of new job or loss of employment
Use of liquor or drugs
Prohibited use of a computer
Ownership of a firearm
Unsupervised contact with children, ex-spouse or girlfriend
Associating with known felons
Arrest for DUI, drug possession or misdemeanor offense
Failing a mandatory drug test
Failure to notify probation officer of new address after moving


Importance of Hiring an Attorney in Probation Violations


In most cases, judges and probation officers aren't interested in listening to excuses. While there is no way to guarantee a particular outcome, appearing in court with an attorney who is well-prepared and can speak on your behalf may mean the difference between returning to jail and having your probation extended. 


As your lawyer, Mr. Harper explores alternatives to jail that may include community service, electronic monitoring, additional check-ins with probation officers or additional drug and alcohol testing. In each instance, it's important to explain your side of the story and provide evidence that you are serious about complying with the terms of your probation. 


Waiting for a warrant to be issued for your arrest or for your probation officer to find out about your violation will only make matters worse. If you have violated the terms of your probation, contact criminal defense lawyer Harry L. Harper today and schedule an appointment to discuss the legal options available to you.



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