Penalties for DUI/BUI can be significant. consulting an attorney with experience makes all the difference in your outcome.


In the state of Florida, a conviction for drunk driving or boating under  the influence can result in jail time, expensive fines and the  suspension or revocation of your driver's license. In certain cases the level of intoxication may not be in question.  In other cases the actions of arresting officers can artificially impact field sobriety and  breathalyzer test results. As a DUI defense attorney, the firm of Harry L. Harper has the experience and resources to help those arrested for DUI or BUI avoiding unnecessary complications and legal difficulties. Depending on  your driving history, it may be possible to reduce the charges or sentence against you. When there are legitimate questions regarding the evidence or constitutionality of a car stop, it may be possible to  dismiss the charges altogether.


The penalties for DUI can  be significant. Don't accept a plea bargain without consulting an  attorney to determine your rights and the legal options available to  you. To schedule an appointment and discuss your case, contact the law firm of Harry L. Harper. 


Car Stops and Field Sobriety Tests - Issues That Affect Results


There is a correct process and procedure that must be followed when giving a field sobriety test. In certain respects, field sobriety tests are designed to create failure: even under ideal circumstances, sober people can have difficulty walking toe to toe, walking in a straight line or performing other aspects of a sobriety test. In this sense, a field sobriety test is intended to give an arresting officer "probable cause" to make an arrest for drunk driving. How the test is administered can determine whether probable cause existed in the first place.


Breathalyzers and Understanding How Results Can Be Artifically Affected


Breathalyzers work by measuring the amount of alcohol saturation in the blood of the lungs' air sacs. If you take a deep breath and blow hard, air is drawn from deeper in the lungs where alcohol saturation is at its highest; if, however, you blow from higher up in your diaphragm, the air will likely contain less alcohol saturation. While this may not be important in cases where a suspect is significantly drunk, it is important when a suspect's blood alcohol level is near - but under - the legal limit. Additionally, how a breathalyzer is calibrated and maintained will impact whether or not its results are dependable.


Even if there is no question you were drunk, working with the court can determine whether you lose your license, serve time in jail or face additional penalties such as the installation of an ignition interlock device. For more information about how the Law Firm of Harry L. Harper can help you, contact us today.




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